Around this project, our goal is to:

– Federate the best technical, financial and managerial profiles of the world without distinction of country, culture, religion, or race

– Create a global service (BHB) accepted by all and backed by a universal currency (BOO) which is only driven by the market and out of the control of any individual, entity or nation

– Create a totally independent system governed solely by the laws of the market and by smart contracts.

To guarantee this, we chose to adopt the same strategy as Satoshi Nakamoto (the founder of Bitcoin) to stay anonymous.

We are then an anonymous network composed of various profiles (IT developers, cryptocurrency primo-fans, developers, financiers, investors, hoteliers, entrepreneurs, etc.) sometimes leaders in their industries and from all continents.

The future Boocash World Holding will be created and run by other people as indicated below. The Boocash World Holding is the future management entity of BHB (Boocash Hotel Booking) App.

The BOO Token itself remains out of control of any entity.



In order to guarantee the confidentiality of the names of the founders, all the communications will be made exclusively at the email address [email protected]

This limitation includes the future launch team members, the independent consultants and the volunteers that will be involved from now in the project.

Once the system is set up and operational, the future Boocash World Holding will take over. The goal is to achieve within 2 years a global autonomous and universal system without control of a person, an entity or a single nation.