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Fifty percent of the total token supply will be available for purchase during the crowdsale. Eight percent will be offered during the Presale with a 39% percent bonus for early contributors.  Fifteen percent of the total supply is sold with a 17% Bonus during the first week of the crowdsale. Meanwhile, twenty-seven percent of the total token supply will be sold during the rest of the crowdsale until the end of April 2018..

In order to build and grow our community, it’s imperative for us to raise funds to support the development of the Boocash protocol, BHB App, and fund the setup of the distribution network.

Tokens will be distributed to crowdsale campaign supporters who use any Ethereum clients of choice to send funds to a crowdfunding contract address that will be announced on the day campaign starts. Campaign supporters should keep their private keys for the address they plan to use to send funds to the contract safe and secure. It will also be the address that also holds the Boocash token balance.


BOO tokens that are not sold during the crowdsale will be moved into the Boocash Development Reserve in the smart contract.


Boocash is a long-term full-time commitment for us and the crowdsale represents an early milestone in a long journey for the project. The crowdsale in Winter of 2018 represents a large achievement for our vision, blockchain, and the accommodation industry. A successful crowdsale enables Boocash to continue the development of its product vision and programs to support its mission. Once concluded, we will leverage the raised funds to achieve the future plans and expansion as indicated in the roadmap below.



  • Boocash token

The Boocash protocol is the heart of the system while the smart contracts functions contain logic that is executed when a token exchange, transaction, booking, and distribution occurs.

It’s an Ethereum based Token using the ERC20 standards. All data in all cases related to this Token can be validated by the Ethereum network nodes.

  • Smart contracts

Five (5) main Contracts will be using the protocol and shape the Boocash Ecosystem:

  • Token Base Contract
  • Token Crowdsale Contract
  • Booking Contract
  • Boocash World Holding Contract
  • Distributor Partnership Contract.


To provide complete trust and transparency, Boocash will create powerful smart contracts and other open-source tools (Token Explorer, User voting system, etc.).

Boocash will also develop API’s that enable partners in the BOO token ecosystem to accept the BOO token as a method of exchange/booking AND provide complete transparency and validation to their users as well.

You can find a copy of the Boo Token and the Crowdsale contracts on our Github profile:

For testing purpose, you can try our Token DEMO at the address:

The Demo is available until March 27, 2018.

You need to use Metamask (on Chrome or Firefox Browser) on the Ropsten Test Network. You may also need to get some Free ETH from a Faucet to use the Demo online.


The other contracts will be available according to the project roadmap.

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