Contribute & get your Bounties!


Boocash needs entrepreneurs who will contribute in the development process and marketing. That kind of help will be encouraged with BOO Tokens. Here are the estimate amounts of tokens you will get:

  • Bitcointalk Translation and thread support: 400–1,000 BOO depending on your activity
  • Whitepaper translation: 1,200 BOO
  • News or media article: 300 – 1,200 BOO
  • Blog post: 50 – 300 BOO
  • Social networks activity: 20 – 150 BOO
  • Banner on a website: 50 – 300 BOO
  • Announcements on forums (cryptocurrencies & hotel booking, International & local): 100 – 300 BOO
  • Signature Campaign: 20 – 50 BOO.

To join Contributors campaign, contact us.


    Strong players

    If you have any relevant abilities related to industry and you’re interested in any sort of partnership… Or maybe just wanna help with the project development / share some ideas — feel free to contact us directly.





    Our Pre ICO will start from the 27th February to the 09th March 2018. For Early Backers, the price is set with a 39% Bonus !

     Contact us to take part.




    If you consider the Boocash idea great. and want to help the growth, you can make a Donation by transfering some coins to these addresses :


    • BTC —19ufW6rrQMKtGeAhLuJe1aJdzUXyisQ6pv


    • ETH — 0x6686daaf9668c829070Cd35D6d3cD383bAAfd8D4

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